The Process

Welcome to The Process. Here you will find an overview of the service and process we provide, whether you are looking for an Extension, Conversion or New Build, we aim to be as transparent as possible throughout.

Home Consultation

Our initial consultation is completely free. During the first consultation we provide you with a clear understanding of the process and also the likely cost of the project. We can also advise on what will add value to your property and also what will not.

Whether your plan is to renovate, extend, adapt or develop we can offer you a wealth of information that can make the process a little less daunting. We will discuss –

  • The best internal layouts to suit your needs
  • Your ideas and your thoughts for the project (brief)
  • What the exterior of the building will look like
  • How this may affect neighbours and the 45 degree rule
  • Planning Permission and Permitted Development costs and time scale/issues involved
  • The process from now to completion
  • The next steps….

However, we do have offices in Sutton Coldfield and are more than happy to accommodate a Visual Office Based Meeting.

The Survey

Our surveys are always booked at a time to suit you.

Depending on the size of the project they normally take between 1-3 hours and are a great chance to look over the space being worked on. With J.A.B on site it is great opportunity for you to relay exactly what you would like done and for us to provide you with informed suggestions.

Initial Drawings and 3D Modelling

A set of plans is emailed to you within an agreed time frame from the survey. They include Sections, Elevations, Plans and 3D Modelling of 1 or more options for the build. After you have received these we ask for feedback and are more than happy to incorporate any changes you may desire.

As standard we offer 3D modelling on all our designs. This gives you an almost real life feel of the space that 2D designs can lack. It can help clients envisage not just how they will use the space but inform how they would like to design the interior.


During the planning process J.A.B Design act as your agents and will manage the application and keep you updated on its progress. We liaise with planners and third parties answering any questions to progress the application as efficiently as possible.

In the unfortunate event that planning permission is not granted we also offer an appeals service for a nominal fee.

Your planning application maybe decided at Planning Committee (usually only for New Build House’s and Developments) below is a video of committee meeting for a New Build House that we designed. This will give you an insight into the process.

Building Control

Once you have been granted planning approval we begin on the next phase of the project; building regulation drawings. These contain all the detail needed to gain building control approval without this the design cannot be built.  We can also provide our clients with contact’s for Structural Calculations.

Building Quotation’s

J.A.B Design is able to help you choose the right builder for the work needed. We have a small number of local builders (Sutton Coldfield) that we are able to recommend and will be available to provide free quotations. However we are always willing to liaise with your chosen builder should that be someone we have not worked with previously.

Structural Engineer

Once planning permission is granted, dependent on the project, usually a Structural Engineer’s advice is sought and a quotation provided for the structural drawings and calculations. These are required not only for the build but also are needed in order for Building Control to sign off the finished project.

At J.A.B Design we can recommend Structural Engineer’s with whom we have worked closely on previous projects. Structural Engineer’s play an important part in the build process liaising with Builders, Project Managers and Building Control so the ability to contact them is vital. The structural engineers with whom we work are flexible and are on hand out of office hours to ensure that you are not left waiting, as time is always of the essence.

Building Control

The responsibility for checking that Building Regulations have been met falls to Building Control, this service can be provided by the Local Authority or Private Sector (Approved Inspector). Building Control will make routine inspections as the project progresses to ensure compliance with Building Regulations and other legislation.

The Party Wall Act ect 1996

 If you are planning works (Extensions or New Builds) that fall under the Party Wall etc Act 1996, notice needs to be served to all parties concerned, e.g. leaseholders, freeholders.
Under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 there are certain timescales that you need to adhere to as both the Building and Adjoining Owner. (More details can be found here)


The Tendering Process

Once the chosen design or scheme has passed planning then its time to choose a builder! JAB Design have a plethora of builders that we can recommend to you: We source quotes for 2/3 builders and relay these back to you, or if you have your own contractor in mind we will submit the plans to them for you. Then the building starts!


Building Completion